this is how I roll; I have way more seals after gold seal farming, but still!

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Gold Seal Farming, taking pictures of my setups later wooo

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    In which Zhou Yu proves that he is Sun Ce's waifu

  •  *Assistance from Sun Ce*
  • Zhou Yu: I knew you would come, Sun Ce!
  • Zhou Yu: Well met, Sun Ce! With you by my side we can turn this around.
  • Zhou Yu: Sun Ce, I knew you'd come! Nothing is more encouraging than to have you fighting by my side!
  •  *Encountering Sun Ce as an enemy*
  • Zhou Yu: Surely I am the only one who can provide you with a challenge!
  • Zhou Yu: Your attacks are as powerful as they are relentless. Fighting you is always a pleasure, Sun Ce.
  • Zhou Yu: Do not think you have yes, Sun Ce! My blade will find an opening in your guard before you know it!
  •  *Response to Sun Ce (enemy)*
  • Zhou Yu: I cannot refuse a request from you.
  •  *Camp Conversations*
  • Sun Ce: I'm bored, Zhou Yu. Should we go hunting?
  • Zhou Yu: I don't think this is the right time for that, Sun Ce. There is still so much left for us to...
  • Sun Ce: Haha, save me the scolding! Let's get going already!
  • Zhou Yu: On out last hunt, we did manage to capture some enemy scouts...Is that why you asked me to go?
  • Sun Ce: Uh...Sure! Come on! Let's go and do it again!
  • Zhou Yu: ...Maybe it was just a coincidence after all?
  • Zhou Yu: Sun Ce, you only go hunting to relieve your boredom, right?
  • Sun Ce: Yeah, hunting and fighting are my favorite ways to pass the time! And they're both even more fun with you there!
  • Zhou Yu: Heh, you're hopeless....Although I'm not much better for always agreeing to go with you.

graduated to Chaos level and my god I got some kick ass seals for my weapons.

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    In other relevant news: MY OTHER OTP

  • Sun Quan: Zhou Tai, once we have conquered the chaos, let us have a drink for each one of the scars you received in battle.
  • Zhou Tai: *smile* That is going to take some time...
  • Sun Quan: Haha! Um, perhaps that is no laughing matter. We should endeavor to drink pleasantly, but responsibly.

    In which Ce is (VERY) subtly wise, but still simple.

  • Sun Quan: Brother, were you the one who smashed the tortoise shell I was using?
  • Sun Ce: Come on, Quan. A fortune isn't necessarily what's going to happen. If you get a good result, then go ahead and believe in it.
  • Sun Ce: But if you get a bad one, then just smash it to pieces like I did. It'll make you feel better.

Aw yeaaah got Red Hare and Matsukaze NO MORE DINKY GENERIC HORSE

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