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this is how I roll; I have way more seals after gold seal farming, but still!

Gold Seal Farming, taking pictures of my setups later wooo

In which Zhou Yu proves that he is Sun Ce's waifu

*Assistance from Sun Ce*
Zhou Yu: I knew you would come, Sun Ce!
Zhou Yu: Well met, Sun Ce! With you by my side we can turn this around.
Zhou Yu: Sun Ce, I knew you'd come! Nothing is more encouraging than to have you fighting by my side!
*Encountering Sun Ce as an enemy*
Zhou Yu: Surely I am the only one who can provide you with a challenge!
Zhou Yu: Your attacks are as powerful as they are relentless. Fighting you is always a pleasure, Sun Ce.
Zhou Yu: Do not think you have yes, Sun Ce! My blade will find an opening in your guard before you know it!
*Response to Sun Ce (enemy)*
Zhou Yu: I cannot refuse a request from you.
*Camp Conversations*
Sun Ce: I'm bored, Zhou Yu. Should we go hunting?
Zhou Yu: I don't think this is the right time for that, Sun Ce. There is still so much left for us to...
Sun Ce: Haha, save me the scolding! Let's get going already!
Zhou Yu: On out last hunt, we did manage to capture some enemy scouts...Is that why you asked me to go?
Sun Ce: Uh...Sure! Come on! Let's go and do it again!
Zhou Yu: ...Maybe it was just a coincidence after all?
Zhou Yu: Sun Ce, you only go hunting to relieve your boredom, right?
Sun Ce: Yeah, hunting and fighting are my favorite ways to pass the time! And they're both even more fun with you there!
Zhou Yu: Heh, you're hopeless....Although I'm not much better for always agreeing to go with you.

graduated to Chaos level and my god I got some kick ass seals for my weapons.

In other relevant news: MY OTHER OTP

Sun Quan: Zhou Tai, once we have conquered the chaos, let us have a drink for each one of the scars you received in battle.
Zhou Tai: *smile* That is going to take some time...
Sun Quan: Haha! Um, perhaps that is no laughing matter. We should endeavor to drink pleasantly, but responsibly.

In which Ce is (VERY) subtly wise, but still simple.

Sun Quan: Brother, were you the one who smashed the tortoise shell I was using?
Sun Ce: Come on, Quan. A fortune isn't necessarily what's going to happen. If you get a good result, then go ahead and believe in it.
Sun Ce: But if you get a bad one, then just smash it to pieces like I did. It'll make you feel better.

Aw yeaaah got Red Hare and Matsukaze NO MORE DINKY GENERIC HORSE

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