sousy's muses
wicked fight
indie/masterlist ; we will fight and we will win!
swiftest strike
indie ; the battlefield calls to me.
red moon
indie ; you think you can stop me?
stigma arcadia
indie ; you understand how weak you are!
rhyming triplet
indie ; just business man who tells stories.
lord of the hanged man
au blog ; bianca you minx, that was beautiful!
fall into the sky
indie/masterlist ; you loved me & I froze in time.
a hidden poison
indie ; in your belief.
indie ; sleepless {an untamed beast.}
the modern beard
modern koei warriors ; head of green dragon industries.
take it, shake it
xxxx ; static/archived & in my ♥ ok
plucking tulips
xxxx ; static & in headspace lawl
indie ; static on dreamwidth