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lmao seth and dean

there they go again

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So, please, stay by my side.

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Sly Blue comes out in Oval Tower. No guards or security could stop him.

…You there, don’t move. Don’t get in the way. It’s your unlucky day. I’ll free you from your ‘life’ now. I’ll break it apart… I’ll smash your memories, sense, everything bits.

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Anonymous asked Yeah, Shao Jun looks awesome, but you seem to be implying that people should just be happy with that and stop wanting more? I mean, there are now, what, 8 AC games? And only 2 of them have female leads? And they aren't even really part of the main series?

No, I’m implying that it’s seemingly never enough for a large majority. People can want as much as they want, but trashing Ubisoft 24/7 when they DO put forth effort is grating. Ubisoft’s making a step in the right direction, but the snide comments in the assassin’s creed tag about being pressed that’s not an open world were just..ehhh. It’s like let’s piss on this particular bright spot because IT’S STILL NOT WHAT WE WANTED HOW DARE THEY NOT GIVE US EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED.

I mean yeah, let’s not pay attention as to how they’re using Shao Jun in a style that’s the first to be done for AC Franchise, let’s continue to remain extremely upset that it’s not an open world like AC:L and the other games were.

It’s not just the female characters either; Ezio got three games and the second AC got a new protagonist, everything was stacked against Connor. People didn’t like Connor and it was heard so much, His story got dropped and left to the fanbase to wonder what happened in favor of Edward.

Honestly I’m surprised people weren’t up in arms over the previous games besides Liberation for not having mainstream/playable female assassins outside of the Multiplayer.

I’m on the side with if one dislikes it, that’s great; don’t give the company any more money until they give them exactly what they want.

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Of course it’s not fucking enough. You get a female assassin, and you’re pressed because it’s not open world and you need the season pass?


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So I was replaying Assassin’s Creed II and the guards decided they had to be fabulous after dying and they are literally moving after I stab them just to keep this pose.

♡ dead but fab 

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Shao Jun + Pink

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Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China
Play as Shao Jun across 16th Century China

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Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China (Unity Season Pass Trailer)

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