Eff it I did my time today, I’ll pick it up tomorrow/after I sleep; my hand’s cramped *sob*

Finished (For Reference): Sun Ce, Xu Shu (+ hooded version) Sun Quan, Xiahou Dun, Dian Wei, Sima Yi, Zhang Liao (Wei/Lu Bu Forces), Zhenji, Yueying, Cai Wenji, Ma Dai,  Bao Sanniang, Han Dang, Zhang Bao, Jia Chong, Wen Yang (+ no helmet), Fa Zheng, Yu Jin, & Yu Jin.

Tomorrow: Yue Jin, Li Dian, Lu Su, Chen Gong, Ma Chao, Ling Tong, DengAi (I owe aconitum-tea) Sima Shi (+maskless) and probably people who throw requests my way.

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Favorite Ranger Per Season - Zeo

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god I forgot there’s still helmetless Wen Yang, Xiahou Ba, Dun with two eyes, and Shi without his mask

If I do all the ones I care about now I won’t wanna do the rest

the struggle

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zutara + not needing words

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Oh goodness good luck, I can’t wait to see the completed versions!

Thank you~! I’ll try to get as many done as I can tonight and tomorrow since I have no classes tomorrow; I think I’ll be handling the main cast and will only do the generics/Emperor if asked. I think the majority prefer the main cast~ :3

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yes, I’m working on the DW8 Expressions~!
No, I’m not doing them in order.
Yes, I will fill out requests~
Yes, I will eventually finish them all and sort them by kingdom before offering them for download~!

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Fa Zheng’s angry expression gives me so much life it’s about to be my new default icon 

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I should play ‘It is a mystery’ while figuring out who is who in these file names. I went from Sun Ce to Guan Ping and went ‘WHAT THE FUCK’ outloud. I was just as surprised as Ping.

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happy birthday austin st. john!

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